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July 11, 2007



Some very great thoughts here. I would definitely caution, however, against a view that asserts that the media is just giving the people what they want, or responding to pure economics. Perhaps they can't be blamed too much for the amount of airtime they devote to various subjects (although I find that point debatable as well). But certainly we can agree that the news media has a responsibility for calling the lies, distortions, and obfuscations of govt figures into question. If they don't then they are merely serving the role of propagating and endorsing such lies, etc., which makes them accomplices in a horrible fraud against our Republic. "We" the people bear 0% of the blame for that. Granted, we can help out by complaining to them (didn't one network back off airing a tv movie about Ronald Reagan simply because of an onslaught of indignant would-be viewers complaining about an alleged sacreliegious portrayal?)

As far as us wanting more air time given to public policy concerns and less to Paris Hilton, assuming it is even true that we really want to see more Paris Hilton in the first place (where is the proof of that?) how bout we see what the ratings look like when people are not so disgusted with the lack of truly "fair and balanced" of public policy. I for one can hardly bare to watch 15 minutes of thinly veiled advertisement for war-mongering and inhuman corporate profiteering in the form of a typical major network news program. People like me must be affecting the ratings too.


Sorry, one more point to remember: In the face of so much blatant corporate manipulation in news media, we are often hearing this mantra that the corporations who own the news media have a right to make profits, they have to work in their self-interest, they have to play to their sponsors, they have to play to ratings, etc. That is only true to a limited degree. What they "have" to do is respect the fact that they have been licensed to use public airwaves to run their so-called businesses. We own those airwaves. We do. We can take them away. We can dictate policy. We only need make the people who presumably work for us (Congress) to actually do some work for us.

For me the bottom line is, if someone abuses their position don't blame the people that get abused simply because they have a remedy. The blame rests squarely on the abuser. Once recognizing the truth, it can only help you when you stand up to pursue your remedy.

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