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    As long as we all buy into the paradigm that tells us war, violence, strife and terror are the only possible reality, we're going to get more of the same. Join us in envisioning a new reality, a paradigm of peace. Let it start inside individuals, spread to families, and radiate to our communities, our country, our world. Will you put one of our magnets on your car to let others start to think about peace? A quarter of all proceeds go to organizations that are working toward a more peaceable future. This quarter's donations will go to CARE's efforts in Darfur.

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December 12, 2006



Nice. Naysayers will cricitize this as a loosey-goosey moral relativism. I don't see that at all. Perhaps it could be better put by putting a Kantian spin on it. (I'm paraphrasing of course) "Let's face it - reality, which is the way things are in themselves, exists separate and beyond our limited faculties of perception. Thus, the closest any one of us can ever come to reality is what we acquire by observation and reflection on the portion of reality that we individually experience." And since we each have varoius pre-conceived notions that act as filters and arise from our upbringing, society, acquired inclinations, etc. we inevitably are left with what Rogers' observation that there are as many realities as there are persons.
It's not that reality is subjective - it's just that we have no choice but to be subjective in our view towards reality. And by logic, it doesn't really matter if one doesn't recognize this fundamental fact - it will still be true regardless.

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